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Foods to Replace to Get Flat Stomach

You know that some of the foods you eat are not helping you get flat belly or lose weight. But you don’t want to become a Vegan get the perfect body. Well, you don’t have to. In the last article I told you about 10 simple changes in your food habits that can result in flat belly. Here are 9 tips on what food to replace to lose some pounds and get into shape.

Replace these Foods to Lose Stomach Fat

1. Use squash instead of a lot of cheese
By adding pureed butternut squash to half the cheese mixture in foods like macaroni and cheese, quesadillas, or grilled sandwiches will reduce the calorie count without altering the taste of the food. Squash is high in vitamins and potassium, so not only will your food have less fat and calories, it will be healthier.

2. Use greens to wrap your meat
Instead of eating meats that are between two slices of bread, wrap them in a large lettuce leaf or some other leafy green such as bok choy, romaine lettuce, or Chinese cabbage. You’ll be reducing your intake of carbohydrates that can add belly fat.

3. Use avocados instead of mayonnaise
Ripe avocados will make your sandwich moist like mayonnaise, and have good fat instead of bad fat. This can also lower your cholesterol.

4. Make your pancakes healthier
Cornmeal is healthier than traditional flour. It has a higher fiber content, as well as magnesium. For healthier pancakes, replace half your flour with cornmeal. They’ll have a great texture and be better for you.

5. Make sure you get all the vitamins from your cereal
If you’ve taken the steps to eat healthier breakfast cereals, you probably aren’t getting all the nutrition from it that you should. In order to do so, you need to drink the milk in the bowl. As much as 40 percent of the nutritional vitamins from your cereal will dissolve into the milk, so drinking it makes it healthier for you.

6. Keep frozen bananas on hand
Frozen bananas are great for making smoothies that are healthy and nutritious. They’re sweet, so they eliminate the need for sugary ingredients. Frozen, they have the cold state for good thick smoothies and won’t go bad quickly like they can if they’re unfrozen.

7. Eat chocolate
Yes, you read correctly. So often, people ignore their cravings for chocolate because they feel it is “bad” for them. Dark chocolate, however, is lower in fat and very high in antioxidants, so eating it will both satisfy your cravings and give you a healthy snack. You can also shave dark chocolate into dishes like barbecue sauce or chili. It gives it a good flavor boost, and will help you prevent heart disease as well as keep your cholesterol at a good level. If you want a good night-time snack, take two tablespoons of dark chocolate and melt it in the microwave. Stir it with 4 ounces of vanilla yogurt and top it with about a tablespoon of almond slivers.

8. Make your dips yourself
Store-bought dips can be very high in fat content and calories. If you prepare your dips yourself, however, you can greatly reduce the fat and calories. Just use fat-free sour cream or yogurt. You can mix it with an equal portion of salsa or add herbs and/or lemon. Whatever flavor you choose will be much healthier for you this way.

9. Purchase nuts that are in shells
If you have to spend time shelling the nuts, you’ll spend less time eating big handfuls of them. Nuts in and of themselves can be healthy, especially pistachios, almonds and walnuts. If, however, you eat too many, they become like any other food you overeat and will cause you to
gain weight

The above 9 tips about replacement foods you can go for to shred the extra pounds and get flat belly.

Eating Habits to Lose Belly Fat

We all know our eating habits play an important role in getting the fat deposited in the belly area. However its not easy for us to change food habits and nobody wants to stop eating their favorite food menu overnight to lose stomach fat. But what if we can make simple changes in our everyday food without sacrificing the taste and still lose some extra pounds?

10 Simple Changes in Your Food Habits that Can Burn Belly Fat

Eating Habits
1. Change the toppings on your pizza
If you must have pepperoni on your pizza, consider adding at least two vegetable toppings. If you do this for every meat ordered as a topping, you’ll have a healthier pizza. The carcinogens in meats that are processed have been found to increase your risk of cancer, so you’ll not only be reducing your belly fat, you’ll be improving your health.

2. Use oats to stuff meat recipes
Use oats that are in the same amount of other things you fill with such as crackers or bread crumbs. Not only are oats better for you, because they have high fiber content, they taste the same, and can help you reduce your cholesterol.

3. Swap your food
Sometimes, if you stop to think about it, you can think of substituting something healthier for something full of fat in your favorite recipes. By doing that, you’ll be keeping that fat from settling in your mid section and reducing that dreaded belly fat. Here are a few examples to get your started:

  • When you make curry, use plain yogurt instead of coconut
    milk which is full of fat. You’ll get a good, creamy texture, but you
    won’t have all the fat.
  • Replace two slices of bread with one piece of pita bread—
    Folding a piece of pita bread will allow you to put more vegetables
    on your sandwich. More vegetables make it more filling, and you’ll
    be making a sandwich that is much healthier.
  • Replace red meat with lentils—In foods such as lasagna,
    only use about half the amount of ground beef. Add red lentils to
    make it filling. They’re packed with protein, fat free, and high in
    fiber. The flavor of red lentils is neutral, so they’ll just absorb the
    flavor of your sauce and you won’t notice the difference.
  • Substitute “turkey” versions of your favorite meat—You can
    have turkey ham, turkey burger, turkey hot dogs, turkey bologna,
    or even turkey pepperoni. Turkey isn’t near as high in fat as other
    meats. You’ll have the flavor of the other meats without that added
    fat to carry around.

4. Use a healthier, low-fat recipe to replace your “fish-n-chips” recipe
Use white fish such as cod or haddock and cut it into strips. Use sparkling water and self-rising flour for a light batter mix. Fry the strips in a small amount of canola oil. Instead of deep fried french fries, cut potatoes and bake at 450 degrees in canola oil that you season with things like: herbs, salt, garlic, etc.

5. Reduce cheese in your toppings
If you have a recipe that calls for a grated cheese topping, you can reduce fat and add fiber by replacing half of the cheese with whole-wheat bread crumbs. The crumbs keep the texture of the baked cheese, so you won’t know the difference.

6. Eat deli meats that are healthier
Deli meats aren’t all bad, you just need to learn to eat the healthier ones. In order of health, first would be chicken or turkey. Second is roast beef. Third is ham. Lastly, are all the other processed deli meats such as bologna, salami, olive loaf, etc.

7. Don’t drown your food
You may or may not be old enough to remember Timer from the science portion of School House Rock watched in your Saturday morning cartoons. If you do, then you know he had a slogan: Don’t drown your food in catsup or mayo or goo. It’s no fun to eat what you can’t even see, so don’t drown your food! How many times have you seen someone prepare a nice, healthy salad only to pile on so much fattening dressing that it’s no longer healthy? People will also pile on so much gravy that a lean piece of roast beef or turkey becomes unhealthy. Topping with meat natural juices instead or using extra virgin olive oil that is seasoned on salads will keep your food healthy and won’t sacrifice the taste.

8. Don’t eat tuna salad with a lot of fattening mayonnaise
Instead, you can add hot sauce, lemon juice, and pepper to your tuna. It tastes great and adds no fat.

9. Use grated cheese instead of slices
Grate hard cheeses such as Parmesan on your sandwiches. You’ll get all the cheese flavor with much less fat.

10. Have meals without meat
I am not saying go totally Vegan, but every meal doesn’t have to be a “meat and potato” meal. Eat vegetarian lasagna and go without beef. Prepare eggplant parmesan instead of veal parmesan. You’ll be taking in less fat, so there’ll be less fat to stay around your middle.

Some of the above eating habits changes may not be easy for you. Start with the easiest ones. Every step you take counts towards losing your stomach fat and getting that perfect flat belly.

The Diet Solution Program Review

The Diet Solution by Isabel De Los Rios claims to help you lose weight fast and naturally. But does it really work? Or is it another scam fad diet? In this Diet Solution Program review you will see what makes this diet program different that the numerous other diet plans online.

A lot of people nowadays spend their entire lives going from one diet to another, constantly attempting to lose belly fat and keep it off. They see fashion models and celebrities touting the latest Hollywood diet craze on the cover of every magazine so they think that could be the secret to their own over weight problem. And so they pick up the magazine and try the diet program for a while and usually slim down.

The major trouble is that as soon as they stop following the hottest fad diet, they put the weight right back on. And as most women will narrate you, when that happens you almost always gain more than you lost from the senseless diet. It’s one endless merry-go-round ride that no one loves. The Diet Solution Program can stop the dieting merry-go-round once and for all and put you on the track to lose belly fat and extra weight and keep it off – for life.

Program Creator: Isabel De Los Rios
Unlike most fad diets, The Diet Solution was developed by a professional nutritionist, Isabel De Los Rios. She owns and runs the New Body Center for Fitness and Nutrition located in New Jersey. Isabel has an academic degree in exercise physiology and is a certified Holistic Nutrition Life Coach.

Another unique twist to Isabel’s story compared to most diet program creators is that she had to deal with over weight issues herself. As a teenager Isabel was overweight herself and with diabetes running rampant in the family, she craved to get the weight off and be healthy. This is what led her in the way of life she has selected and the result of her year’s of study and research paved the way for her to assist thousands of people to lose belly fat and over weight.

What is The Diet Solution Program?

First of all, the Diet Solution Program is not actually a diet. In fact, the name comes about because it is the solution to dieting. This program teaches lifestyle changes that promote healthy weight loss and healthy weight management. You don’t need to buy a bunch of diet foods, meal substitutes or supplements in order to lose weight. Some of those things can actually contribute to weight gain without you even realizing it.

I’m sure you seen the diet gurus that tell you to lower your calorie intake, often to 1200 or lower, right? Turns out this could be some of the worst advice ever given. What happens when you restrict calories below what your body actually needs is that survival mechanisms kick in. The body will actually slow the metabolism and so burns calories at an ever slower rate. You end up not losing or worse, even gaining! Plus you have no energy, will be fatigued and will find yourself in a mental fog most of the time.

There have been many diets in recent years that promote food restrictions that aren’t good for you. The low-carbohydrate diet craze is one of these. Eliminating or severely restricting any one food group is dangerous to the body. You need those nutrients, even fats, in order for the body to operate in an optimal fashion.

    Here are a few of the secrets you will discover in The Diet Solution:

  • The so-called “health” food that is making people GAIN weight
  • Why calorie counting is one of the worst mistakes you can make
  • The real truth about fat
  • Why you may actually have to eat MORE in order to lose weight
  • How to identify your metabolic type in order to tailor your choices in order to lose weight easier and faster than ever before
  • All you need to know about organic foods that help you lose weight

Individualized Solutions

Much of the problem people have with being successful on diets is that they are formulated in a one-size-fits-all fashion. Everyone is following the same plan. The major problem with this is that every body is different, with our own unique metabolism. Because we are trying to force our bodies to work against their natural metabolism, we end up getting discouraged, depressed and unable to continue the diet for as long as needed. Intead, we tend to hop to the newest fad diet trend in the hopes that this will be the one that works.

The Diet Solution will change all that for you. You will finally be able to identify your personal metabolism and then target directly at it, ensuring that you are working with your body instead of against it. You will also discover the one food that many are eating that is actually sabotaging your efforts as well as the foods that help to increase the rate your body burns fat.

Not only will you finally discover how to make your metabolism more efficient, you will also find yourself feeling healthier. That’s because the program will also show you how to eat so that you have stable blood sugar levels, more energy and a stronger immune system.

What You Get with The Diet Solution

Many of the diet programs out there require you to pay ongoing membership fees to access the tools you need or demand that you buy their “diet meals” every week. Not the Diet Solution…for a one-time affordable price you get:

The Diet Solution manual with all the details of how and what to eat in order to burn fat faster, lose weight and get healthier
A 7-Day optional ecourse
Monthly newsletter with continuing encouragement, stories, tips and techniques to help you get rid of the weight and finally KEEP it off forever

Stop the diet merry-go-round today and get The Diet Solution. Continuing the endless cycle of dieting, losing, stop dieting, gaining, go back on a diet…that’s no way to live your life. Get the solution and release the thinner, healthier you.

Diet Drinks for Weight Loss

What to drink during diet?

As you probably know, the average amount of fluids which you must drink in order to preserve the normal functioning of your body is 1, 5 -2 liters daily. That is the minimum which you should drink, it does not matter if you follow certain diet or not. So, in case if you still do not know or you just forget, check out below what kind of drinks will be very beneficial for you during your diet.

The mineral water is the healthiest drink on the planet. You can add a little bit of lemon juice to it and that way you will have great source of vitamin C and it will also greatly help you against any digestion or intestinal problems. A glass of water with lemon juice every morning during your diet will make you feel cheerful and full of energy. Of course you can use and other fruits which contain a lot of vitamins such as oranges, pineapples and apples.

The properties and the magical abilities of the tea are different and highly depend on the type and the method of preparation. The Black tea is the best cold refreshing drink. The green tea can be consumed hot or cold, it does not matter and it will always stimulate and refresh you during your diet. Many other herbal teas will help your body to function properly and they will definitely improve your health in general. You should drink your tea without sugar during your diet, just use one spoon of honey and the pleasure which you will feel is inevitable.

It is one of the most controversial drinks- to drink or not coffee during diet. The opinion of the specialists is divided. Some think that it must be absolutely prohibited during dirt while others think that there is nothing wrong to stimulate your body with energy during diet. All we know is that it will not damage your body and weight loss efforts, so the decision is yours.

The benefits of milk are also controversial during diet. Just try to have milk separated from the rest of the meals during your diet. As you know, milk contains calcium and many other minerals and vitamins. Try to have milk which contains less calories and everything should be fine during your diet.

We just wanted to remind you that the alcohol is absolutely prohibited during your diet. If you can resist the temptation try to have some light cocktail, do not drink hard liquors such as whiskey and vodka. The best alcohol which you drink during diet is cognac, because it will help your digestion and will cleanse the blood vessels. Try to avoid liqueurs which contain large quantities of sugar. A glass of wine is always great because it will regulate your blood pleasure and also contain many useful minerals and vitamins.

As you see some drink will help you a lot during your diet, some will not. If you try to live healthier and lose weight quickly the information above will help you to make the decision.

Detox Diet Recipes

Recipes for Detox Diet to Cleanse Your Body

At Burn Belly.com we not only help you to lose belly fat but also will help you to have a healthy body. There is an old image associated with the term detoxification, that being someone who is strung out on alcohol or drugs trying to get clean. Not anymore! Now we are talking about detox diets, and some studies suggest that virtually everybody could benefit from them. They detoxify the body by removing impurities from the colon, liver, blood system and other organs that accumulate unhealthy toxins over the course of several years. That seems like a good reason why so many people are trying detox diets.

If the body is a temple, then keeping it clean is the right thing to do. You wouldn’t let your home get too dirty, the same should be true for the body. And the best way to clean out all the pollutants, pesticides, fast food fat, added hormones and chemical preservatives is with a detox diet.

What follows are three tasty recipes for detox diets. Try them if you’d like to get rid of the garbage in your system or lose weight.

1: Vegetable Broth
1 head fresh broccoli
1 c. fresh spinach leaves
2 stalks of celery
1 pot of distilled water

Instructions: Chop the vegetables into fine pieces. Add to the pot of water, cover, then bring to a full boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 30 minutes. Drain, discarding any solids and use the broth. All of the nutrients will now be in the water for a delicious and effective colon cleanser.

2: Hearty Tomato-Based Detox Soup
1 head green cabbage
2 med. green peppers
1 onion
3 stalks of celery
3 carrots
1/2 lb. pound green beans (fresh or frozen)
2 cans diced tomatoes
1 pot of distilled water

Cut cabbage into strips. Chop remaining ingredients into small pieces of equal size (preparing the beans as needed). Add all ingredients to the water and cover. Bring to a boil. Lower heat and simmer for a few hours. Bon appetit!

3: Lemon and Citrus Detox Beverage

Lemon is high in Vitamin C, bioflavonoids and citric acid. Perhaps that’s why it’s becoming one of the more popular ingredients for detox diets. Here is a beverage that incorporates lemon, and it’s tasty, too!

1 c. grapefruit juice
Juice from a large lemon
2 tsp. olive oil
2 tsp. flax seed oil
1 scoop all natural protein powder, flavor of your choice
Optional: replace 1 c. grapefruit juice with 1/2 c. grapefruit juice and 1/2 c. orange juice.
Optional: 1 clove crushed garlic (yes, garlic)

Combine all of the ingredients in a blender and mix until smooth. If possible, drink it when you’re stomach is empty. Be ready! This one will clean you out.

Recipes for detox diets will help cleanse your digestive system and other parts of your body quickly. Be sure to follow the directions of any diet you are following, and only for as long as recommended. It is always a good idea to talk to your trusted medical professional before making any major changes to your diet.