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Foods to Replace to Get Flat Stomach

You know that some of the foods you eat are not helping you get flat belly or lose weight. But you don’t want to become a Vegan get the perfect body. Well, you don’t have to. In the last article I told you about 10 simple changes in your food habits that can result in flat belly. Here are 9 tips on what food to replace to lose some pounds and get into shape.

Replace these Foods to Lose Stomach Fat

1. Use squash instead of a lot of cheese
By adding pureed butternut squash to half the cheese mixture in foods like macaroni and cheese, quesadillas, or grilled sandwiches will reduce the calorie count without altering the taste of the food. Squash is high in vitamins and potassium, so not only will your food have less fat and calories, it will be healthier.

2. Use greens to wrap your meat
Instead of eating meats that are between two slices of bread, wrap them in a large lettuce leaf or some other leafy green such as bok choy, romaine lettuce, or Chinese cabbage. You’ll be reducing your intake of carbohydrates that can add belly fat.

3. Use avocados instead of mayonnaise
Ripe avocados will make your sandwich moist like mayonnaise, and have good fat instead of bad fat. This can also lower your cholesterol.

4. Make your pancakes healthier
Cornmeal is healthier than traditional flour. It has a higher fiber content, as well as magnesium. For healthier pancakes, replace half your flour with cornmeal. They’ll have a great texture and be better for you.

5. Make sure you get all the vitamins from your cereal
If you’ve taken the steps to eat healthier breakfast cereals, you probably aren’t getting all the nutrition from it that you should. In order to do so, you need to drink the milk in the bowl. As much as 40 percent of the nutritional vitamins from your cereal will dissolve into the milk, so drinking it makes it healthier for you.

6. Keep frozen bananas on hand
Frozen bananas are great for making smoothies that are healthy and nutritious. They’re sweet, so they eliminate the need for sugary ingredients. Frozen, they have the cold state for good thick smoothies and won’t go bad quickly like they can if they’re unfrozen.

7. Eat chocolate
Yes, you read correctly. So often, people ignore their cravings for chocolate because they feel it is “bad” for them. Dark chocolate, however, is lower in fat and very high in antioxidants, so eating it will both satisfy your cravings and give you a healthy snack. You can also shave dark chocolate into dishes like barbecue sauce or chili. It gives it a good flavor boost, and will help you prevent heart disease as well as keep your cholesterol at a good level. If you want a good night-time snack, take two tablespoons of dark chocolate and melt it in the microwave. Stir it with 4 ounces of vanilla yogurt and top it with about a tablespoon of almond slivers.

8. Make your dips yourself
Store-bought dips can be very high in fat content and calories. If you prepare your dips yourself, however, you can greatly reduce the fat and calories. Just use fat-free sour cream or yogurt. You can mix it with an equal portion of salsa or add herbs and/or lemon. Whatever flavor you choose will be much healthier for you this way.

9. Purchase nuts that are in shells
If you have to spend time shelling the nuts, you’ll spend less time eating big handfuls of them. Nuts in and of themselves can be healthy, especially pistachios, almonds and walnuts. If, however, you eat too many, they become like any other food you overeat and will cause you to
gain weight

The above 9 tips about replacement foods you can go for to shred the extra pounds and get flat belly.

Weight Loss Food Journal

Are you tracking your progress on your efforts to lose belly fat? Keeping a weight loss food journal is one of the best ways to keep yourself on track to success. Why does this work so well, and how exactly do you keep a weight loss journal?

Below are 4 powerful tips that explain why it’s so important, and why it works like a charm with any weight loss plan:

Weight Loss Food Journal Tip #1 – A Clear View:
A weight loss food journal offers a very clear view of everything you’ve been doing, eating, and drinking since you began your weight loss program to lose belly fat. You can use an actual journal, or simply use a lined notebook.

In the journal, jot down your starting weight, your goal weight, and your bodily measurements (upper arms, bust, waist, hips, thighs, calves). Then write a detailed plan to follow each day. List how long you will exercise, how often, how many calories you will consume each day, and which foods you will eat.

Each day, record everything you eat and drink, how many calories it contains, and keep a running total for the day so you stay within your desired caloric guidelines. Also write down whether you exercised that day, how much and for how long.

Any time you want to look back to see how you’re doing, the information is right there at your fingertips.

Weight Loss Food Journal Tip #2 – Accountability:
Can you see how doing this keeps you accountable? If you know you have to write down every single thing that goes into your mouth, what are the chances that you’ll mindlessly go back to eating mounds of potato chips and bags of cookies? Not likely!

Keeping a food and exercise journal prevents you from trying to trick yourself into believing that you’re sticking with the plan, even if you know you aren’t. It’s hard to dispute the truth if it’s right there in black and white.

Weight Loss Food Journal Tip #3 – Motivation:
As you keep recording your progress in your journal, you’ll start to get very, very motivated! You’ll start to see a clear correlation between eating, exercise, and the numbers on the scale. Keep re-measuring your body every month or so, and you’ll see the inches melting away too, which is even more motivating. Any time you start to feel bored or impatient about your progress, flip back through your journal and feel good that you’re doing so well.

Weight Loss Food Journal Tip #4 – Emotional Outlet:
Finally, you can use a weight loss food journal as an outlet for turbulent emotions. Any time you feel upset and you are tempted to eat something you shouldn’t, grab your journal and start writing. What’s got you upset? How does it make you feel? Keep writing until you’ve purged the negative emotions and you feel better – and you’ll notice that the food cravings have probably faded too.

A weight loss food journal can be your best friend while you’re losing belly fat. Use it as a cheerleader, a motivational tool, a visible record of your progress, and as a comfort when you’re struggling. Start a flat belly food journal today to get sexy flat abs.

4 Tips to Lose Fat

The healthy diet will not only lead to weight loss but you will also greatly improve your lifestyle and health in general. The correct nutrition will help your body to obtain all the needed and necessary nutrients, vitamins, minerals and calories. That way you will highly reduce the risk of suffering some major disease such as heart attack, diabetes and other awful diseases which can be fatal for you. So, the proper diet will definitely make you lose a few pounds and will stimulate your immune system. That is why it must be very important part of your life in order to look and feel good as much as possible.

If you want to start a new diet with success, the best thing you can do is to make every member of your family following you in your weight loss efforts. The changing of your bad eating habits can really take some time, but if you improve your diet you will see that it is not so hard to lose weight and look beautiful and amazing again. All you have to do is to be consistent and you will see that the benefits which you will gain are more than the efforts you should make. Think about that and check out the 4 steps which will help you to lose weight.

4 steps to lose weight
Step one
You have to consult with a specialist every time when you want to change your diet. This person will give you many very important advices and information how you can reach your goal in the best possible manner.

Step two
Do not buy and throw away all the junk food which can tempt you. You have to show the enemy your back and just stop the consumption of chips, cakes, biscuits and all the food which is unhealthy and make you to gain weight. Avoid as much as possible the fast food and try to have more fruits and vegetables. Say no to the fatty and frozen foods.

Step three
Make a shopping list for the food you will need for a week. That way you will avoid many period when you feel hungry but still do not know what to eat. The weekly menu will help you to avoid such dangerous situations. Try to include in your menu more fish, rice and vegetables. Bake or steam your food. As you probably know these are the healthiest ways of preparing your food.

Step four
Try to have as much fruits, vegetables and whole grains as possible. They are great source of proteins, vitamins and minerals which are so needed for you during your diet. White chicken meat and fish are also great way to supply your body with healthy proteins. Stick your diet to such kind of food and you will lose weight for sure.

As you probably know the best friend of the diet is the sport. Try to make more exercises, practice several sports, keep your body in motion and you will definitely improve your health in general and lose some pounds for sure.

whole grains, soybeans, peas, legumes are great source of proteins, vitamins and minerals which are so needed for you during your diet. White chicken meat and fish are also great way to supply your body with healthy proteins. Stick your diet to such kind of food and you will lose weight for sure.